Getting ready for NAFDAC

Getting your NAFDAC registration can be a hassle for many food producers and food processors. It truly can be a daunting process that is time and energy consuming. However, it is a process that can be relatively straightforward with the right information. We have discovered that the main problem is a knowledge gap. Our aim is to fill this gap by equipping business owners with the information needed to create successful agribusinesses. To simplify the entire process in a bid to make it look ‘relatable’ you can divide this process into two main categories.

  • Product analysis

Your finished product will be analyzed by the agency. They are looking to carry out physical tests i.e. the appearance, smell etc. of your products, chemical tests such as moisture content and microbial tests such as Aflatoxin test. It is important to note that you should have carried out these tests at an external laboratory before taking your product to NAFDAC.

  • Production premises inspection

Inspection of your production premises is one of the most important aspects of registration. They are inspecting your production environment to ensure that it is safe for your staff and even conducive for production. There are certain parameters that your production premises must follow with respect to different aspects of production.

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