3 Reasons To Register For YFIP

AgriHub YFIP is designed as a curriculum-driven stop gap for new entrants passionate about any  aspect of Agriculture across its broad value chain. This non-degree certificate awarding training is  targeted at fresh school leavers, undergraduates and graduates of any discipline, who are passionate about farming.

The goal of the program is to grow the next generation of Agribusiness professionals. We believe this next generation will consist of individuals who treat farming as a business and apply modern technology and tools in running their farms.

That said, here are 3 solid reasons to register for YFIP

  1. You would learn how to cultivate crops in large scale.
  2. Mentoring opportunities from experienced and reliable experts with over 35years farm experience.
  3. Training Manuals and Record books provided.

There are more reasons that would be shared as time goes on. So for now, sign up and lets change your destiny with YFIP

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