Where did we go wrong? Yesterday we were having a nice time out by our nursery and something caught my attention, an off-white thread like pattern on the leaves of our garden egg plant. I was shocked. I looked around at the others plants and it was everywhere! (Okay maybe not everywhere but it was disturbing)

At this point, we were very worried. Our precious nursery was in jeopardy. So we all rushed inside and went about researching what this could possibly be. After about an hour we found the culprit. It was leaf miner damage. The larva or caterpillar of certain insects basically causes it.

So we knew the problem, we had to find a solution. With the help of our efficient in-house “botanist” we decided to cut off the affected leaves and spray all the plants with a mixture of neem oil, garlic extract in 2 liters of water. The neem oil will disrupt the pest’s natural life cycle and will reduce the number of larva that become adults.

Now we have pest free plants that look healthy and beautiful

So tell us, have you seen any strange pests in your garden recently? Share it with us.

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