Come Hang Out With Us

Our February hangout is just around the corner! Based on how impactful and educational our January Hangout was, you do not want to miss out on all we’ve got planned this month.

We’ll be growing Ewedu, Tomato and Lettuce on the 17th. These three vegetables are popularly and largely consumed, which was why we carefully chose them. We are looking forward to showing you how to grow this highly beneficial crops in your garden/backyard.

Ewedu – also known as the Jute Leaf, Ewedu is high in calcium, phosphorus, Vitamins E and C among other nutrients. It prevents wrinkles, helps fight against prostate, colon, skin and ovarian cancer, stabilizes blood pressure and so on.

Lettuce also helps fight against cancer and is great in different kinds of salads. Tomatoes protect your heart, aids digestion, manages diabetes and helps with your skin!

Are you going to come grow them with us? 10 am on the 17th at the AgriHub office in Ilupeju, Lagos! Fill the form below to register.

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