Space Management

In my area, it’s very rare for you to see homes with big compounds not floored and often times the bigger part of the house is the garage. Even the small compounds are so tight that you think through how a garden could be put up there. Then I begin to wonder how will I grow my food and encourage people to grow their food?

Then I thought of starting small. You like the idea of growing your food but do you know that you don’t need a lot of space to do it.

Do you have a balcony? Then you have space already.

Do you have a backyard? Then you have space.

Do you have a garage? Then you have space.

Okay I don’t have any of this listed but every home has a window and was built with a wall. So you also have your windowsills and wall to grow your food.

Home gardening doesn’t need to look like a farm.

Look out for the above areas mentioned were containers can be put to plant and start to grow your food.

Just ensure it’s a place where you get to have sunlight and you get to feel their presence in your home.

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