Swag + Dirt – It’s YFIP, Young And Farming It!

Yesterday I met a young man, in his late twenties, who after looking deep in thought for a few seconds said “I want to go into farming; I’ve always had the passion for it.”

I was shocked and delighted – more and more young people from this generation are stepping up and stepping out to join the Agric business.

Like the title spells, who says swag and dirt can’t mix?! AgriHub’s YFIP is here to help young people, who do not mind to literally get their hands dirty, pursue their passion for farming! So if you are thinking to go into any aspect of agriculture – you’re a fresh school leaver, undergraduate or graduate of any discipline – April is the month!

The 2018 YFIP Stream I will commence on the 7th of April, 2018 at our farm in Kobape, Ogun State. Our scholarship is on-going; if you register today, you get a 100% discount on the tuition fee and pay only for your accommodation on the farm. Certificates will also be awarded at the end of the 3-month training.

More details below:

AgriHub YFIP Stream 1 Info

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First Name
Last Name
Email Address
Phone Number
Date of Birth
Will you be able to live on the farm?
Highest Educational Qualification
Do You Have Any Previous Farming Experience?
Why do you want to go into Agriculture?
Briefly Describe Yourself
If you were given an opportunity to change something in the Agric space, what would it be?

***** AgriHub YFIP is designed as a curriculum-driven stop gap for new entrants passionate about any aspect of Agriculture across its broad value chain. It is a model for youth engagement and empowerment through Agro-enterprise development culminating in a structurally transformed economy, evident in food security, employment opportunities for youths and reduced poverty.

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