Why Grow Your Food?

Getting to the market to buy veggies and you hear  “he no dey for market”  because it’s not in season could be frustrating and eventually if the vegetable seller tries to scout round from her fellow sellers, she comes with that scruffy-looking, disease-infected plant and you don’t have a choice but to buy it like that because she’s gone through the stress of walking round the market in about fifteen minutes to meet your need. On getting home, you gave up on eating vegetables

Does that mean every year we get to choose what we eat based on the seasonality of crops? When we can actually grow that vegetable in our homes and have it fresh, healthy, plucked without stress to be made into soup, smoothies for friends and families.

The reason why Grow Your Food is targeted towards households getting to produce what they eat.

Grow Your Food is an initiative that aims at majorly boosting food security in the country while Nigerians become food sufficient in the long run. The initiative also has the added advantage of being able to influence young people to see agriculture in a new light as studies have shown that good food serves as a medicine and keeps the doctor away. AgriHub Nigeria intends to reach 1 million people to grow food in their homes by 2025. The essence of home gardening is to be sure of staying healthy by being cautious of what you and your family consume.

Family bonding is enhanced by planting at home. Children love to play with soil, by instructing them to do little garden work makes them happy. This can only be achieved by me and you.

Are you ready? Join the community.





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