Executive Farmer’s Incubator Program (EFIP) is designed as an introductory learning by doing capacity development initiative in the agriculture space for individuals who desire to practice agriculture as a scalable business in this 21st century.
Serving as a well-intended, curriculum-driven stop gap for individuals passionate about any aspect of agriculture across its broad value chain, this non-degree certificate awarding training is targeted at mid-career professionals, retiring executives etc.

EFIP caters to people who are currently on paid employment, and can be available only on Saturdays. This training program will be carried out in collaboration with Eweko Concepts and Epe Agribusiness Cluster. The program would run for 12 weeks in Epe, Lagos state.
Trained by competent and diligent facilitators, graduates of EFIP will be armed with knowledge and practical skills to set up, manage and scale up their agribusinesses. Moreover, alumni of EFIP will be notified of the various professional development programmes to be engaged in by Agrihub.


Learn how to cultivate selected Crops.

Participants would be allotted mini plots of land to cultivate over the 12 week period.

Inputs required to cultivate the allocated plots.

Practical hands on training by experts with over 35years farm experience who have been trained both locally and internationally.

Cleared and Irrigated Land.

Training Manuals.

Robust curriculum that covers both the business and technical sides of running a successful Agribusiness.

Transportation from designated locations to farm site.

Networking opportunities.

Crops to be cultivated
Leafy vegetable (Ewedu, Shoko, Tete)

Course Contents

Planting operations

Business planning

Post harvest


Course fee:  180,000
Payment Options:
(Instalmental payment) to be spread across three instalments
1st Instalment – 100,000
2nd Instalment – 40,000
3rd Instalment – 40,000
Full time payment – 10% discount available for one off payment before commencement of the program.
The Course fee covers Farmers kit, Brochure, Refreshment, Certificate of Participation

Upon completion of the incubator training, participants may transition to form a cluster in setting up their farm bussinesses. The Advantage with the Farm Incubator Project is that Participants can get easy access to loans as well as other opportunities across the Agricultural value chain.

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How do I apply for the program?
Scroll to the bottom of this page to fill an online application form. After making payments into Agrihub account, you would receive a mail containing the link to fill an online registration form and your Brochure.

Where is the training centre located?
The training centre is located in Epe, Lagos state and there will be buses at designated locations to convey trainees to the site at an extra affordable cost.

What is the duration of the program?
The program will last 3 months (25th February – 13th May, 2017) Saturdays only.

What are the requirements to graduate from the program?
You must have attended all the training.

What do I stand to gain by attending the program?
You will learn about the technical and non-technical aspects of agribusiness from facilitators with a combined experience of over 35 years in agriculture. You also have access to a robust network of agribusiness professionals who can mentor you after the program. You also stand a chance to access loans and business advisory services from Agrihub.

What format will the training take?
The training will be both farm and theory based. Each participant will be allotted mini plots of land to cultivate and manage for the 12 week period.

Who owns the produce of the mini plots?
Executive participants own the produce from the mini plots while the produce from the full time is owned by Agrihub.

Who helps in marketing the produce?
Participants will be trained in agricultural marketing and so, they would market their produce as well as get assistance from Agrihub.

Is there an age restriction to the program?
No, there is no age restriction for the executive participants but for fulltime, 18-35 years is the accepted age.

Are all the facilitators practising farmers?
No, there will be facilitators to take the theory classes as well as practising farmers for the practical classes.

What level of education must I have to partake in the program?
Participant must have at least SSCE to partake in the program.

Is the program meant only for the working class?
No, it is for everyone who has interest in Agriculture.

Will there be opportunity for mentorship?
Yes, there will be opportunity for mentorship.

Will I be entitled to some portion of land after the training?
No, you would not be entitled.

Can I buy the mini plot allotted after the training?
Unfortunately, you will not be unable to.

Can I pay the fee in two or three instalments?
Yes, the participant can pay in two or three instalments. However, upon default of payment, the participant will not be permitted to graduate.

Does Agrihub offer other services like provision of processing facilities for our produce?
AgriHub Nigeria does not offer such services but we will be willing to link participants to   processing facilities.

Will I be offered financial support to start up my agribusiness after the program?
Although AgriHub Nigeria does not offer financial support, participants upon successful completion will qualify to access Business advisory services from AgriHub Nigeria.

I have zero experience in farming, can I learn a lot within the duration of the program?
Yes, you would definitely learn a lot from the program as it covers a wide range of topics that you need as a beginner in Agribusiness and participants would be given the knowledge, tools and practical skills they need to master in order to grow a strong and sustainable Agribusiness, now and in the future.