You Are a Professional too

A lot of young people do not want to go into Agriculture, even when they have the flair for it, because they think no one would ever look at them as a professional – to them, it is not like saying “I am a doctor/lawyer/engineer”, and they believe people will look down on them when they say they are into farming.

We are here to tell you that it is okay to be into farming! You are a professional just like your other counterparts in various other fields and careers. Matter of fact, as a young person interested in farming, we consider you a potential key player in enhancing the visibility of young farmers in this sector.

It is why we have this platform where we can help you learn and share knowledge with other interested young farmers in an environment with access to resources to aid your learning!

We would like to reiterate – you are a professional (or we would like to help you become one), you are a key player and you are important – to us and the Nigerian economy!


The 2018 YFIP Stream I will commence on the 7th of April, 2018 at our farm in Kobape, Ogun State. Our scholarship is on-going; if you register today, you get a 100% discount on the tuition fee and pay only for your accommodation on the farm. Certificates will also be awarded at the end of the 3-month training.

More details below:

AgriHub YFIP Stream 1 Info

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About YFIP

AgriHub YFIP is designed as a curriculum-driven stop gap for new entrants passionate about any aspect of Agriculture across its broad value chain. It is a model for youth engagement and empowerment through Agro-enterprise development culminating in a structurally transformed economy, evident in food security, employment opportunities for youths and reduced poverty.

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