Farmer Incubator Program

AgriHub Farmer Incubator Program is designed as an introductory learning by doing capacity development initiative in the agriculture space for individuals who desire to practice agriculture as a scalable business in this 21st century.

We offer two types of #FarmerIncubator programs.

1) Executive Farmer Incubator Program (EFIP)
2) Young Farmer Incubator Program (YFIP)

Executive Farmer Incubator Program (EFIP)

Serving as a well-intended, curriculum-driven stop gap for individuals passionate about any aspect of agriculture across its broad value chain, this non-degree certificate awarding training is targeted at mid-career professionals, retiring executives etc.

EFIP caters to people who are currently on paid employment, and can be available only on Saturdays. This training program was carried out in collaboration with Eweko Concepts and Epe Agribusiness Cluster.

The program runs for 12 and 8 weeks in Epe, Lagos state respectively. Trained by competent and diligent facilitators, graduates of EFIP were armed with knowledge and practical skills to set up, manage and scale up their agribusinesses.

Learn at your pace.

Build your farm into a sustainable business.

Young Farmers Incubator Program (YFIP)

Young Farmer Incubator Program (YFIP) is designed to train young and passionate individuals who aspire to start up a farm of their own and build it into a scalable business.

The goal of the program is to grow the next generation of Agribusiness professionals. We believe this next generation will consist of individuals who treat farming as a business and apply modern technology and tools in running their farms.

The program runs for 16 and 12 weeks in Epe, Lagos state respectively.

Program Content

1) Introduction to vegetable farming
2) Pre-planting operations
3) Nursery preparation and transplanting
4) Post-planting operations
5) Record keeping
6) Integrated Pest Management (IPM) & Integrated Soil Fertility Management (ISFM)
7) Plant husbandry
8) Irrigation
9) Marketing and Distribution

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